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PC: Penn Central Decals

For all modelers I have 9 different HO decal sheets of interest to aid in 
your modeling the P/C line.  The three latest supplement sheets are:
                           #7). FL9 decals, for the blue & yellow Penn 
Central    $6.00
                                  diesel that was used in the Northeast 
                           #8). SW1/SW8  SW1 #8544 w/ the name G.H.Bashant  
                                                   SW8 #15 Dispatch Shops 
                           #9). N5C Caboose, yellow decals for the Brown 
version  $6.00
                                                   of the N5C caboose
If interested, please contact:
                                    Martin S. Kaufman
                                    30 Dell Drive
                                    New Haven, Connecticut - 06513
   E-mail address:           newhavtrn -AT- aol.com

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