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PC: PC/MNR 1100 ACMUs, was Harmon Shops

Rob Carlo wrote:
> Seems not too long ago the shops were the home of 
black PC P-2's,  E-8's, zebra
>striped RDC's, and pea green MU's.
Although they're not green anymore, I was surprised to 
see several sets of the 1100 series ACMUs sitting at 
Harmon. Not in storage, but mixed in with the MU sets 
laying over for the weekend. I seem to recall about a 
year ago there demise was predicted any day.

I have a special fondness for these cars, as they were 
what I most rode on in my youth. (Along with the 1000 
series.) I haven't ridden on one in many years, 
though. Most of my trips now start north of Harmon, so 
I'm usually in a loco-hauled train. Also, I think the 
ACMUs are only used at peak hours, and perhaps on 
shorter runs, such as trains originating at 

I wonder how much longer these old warhorses will 
last? They're something like 37 years old now.

Peter King

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