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PC: Re: A Sighting(s)

Good Googly Moogly!  Those cars are still in Lancaster?  I remember seeing
them 10 years ago!  They used to be green, not grey.  Does anyone know the
disposition of these cars?  I remember there was a discussion here about
them a couple months ago.  Are they Amtrak's?  Are they CR/NS/CSX's?  Do I
feel a PCRHS restoration project coming on?
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From: E. Mike <evillmike -AT- hotmail.com>
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Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 9:13 PM
Subject: PC: A Sighting(s)

>I just went to Topeaka and back via Amtrak and I have 2 PC sightings.
>Somewhere on the western slope of the PRR main between C and MO there are 2
>hopper cars dug into the earth to act as a retaining wall.  Both still
>proudly sport a white PC on a rust background.  The second sighting was at
>the Lancaster Amtrak station where 3 old coaches are pulled up on the #0
>express track.  They are of a 60's vintage, coloured grey and each sports
>the mating worms PC loco.
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