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Re: PC: Re: A Sighting(s)

Based on my experience with having to restore equipment at the 
Museum, I would willing to bet those cars are still green they 
have just faded so badly they look gray. 
Something to consider, contact the Amtrak officials for 
that area they will certainly know who owns the cars.


Good Googly Moogly!  Those cars are still in Lancaster?  I remember seeing
them 10 years ago!  They used to be green, not grey.  Does anyone know the
disposition of these cars?  I remember there was a discussion here about
them a couple months ago.  Are they Amtrak's?  Are they CR/NS/CSX's?  Do I
feel a PCRHS restoration project coming on?
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Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 9:13 PM
Subject: PC: A Sighting(s)

>I just went to Topeaka and back via Amtrak and I have 2 PC sightings.
>Somewhere on the western slope of the PRR main between C and MO there are 2
>hopper cars dug into the earth to act as a retaining wall.  Both still
>proudly sport a white PC on a rust background.  The second sighting was at
>the Lancaster Amtrak station where 3 old coaches are pulled up on the #0
>express track.  They are of a 60's vintage, coloured grey and each sports
>the mating worms PC loco.
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