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PC: Flexi-Flo, Overland, & G41 thank-you.

Craig et al:

"The Caboose" has two Overland flexi-flo hoppers listed in their November
catalogue; however, both are painted.  They are reasonable, one $135, the
other $200.  I have seen them listed elsewhere for similar money.  The
cheaper of the two is described as a NYC/PC/CR car, so I assume it is a
996-H, whilst the photos I have seen of the other, it is similar to the one
at the bottom of page 107 of the PC color guide (H58)  which was a new PC
purchase.  I had a decal set for this type of hopper, but I parted with it
last month on eBay with a bunch of others.

While searching the brass lists on the net, I came across some brass F49s.
I made a mental note (did not bookmark them) and could not find them later.
I believe they were Overland and were at $110 a shot or so (the stockist
listed several).  Anyone else run into them or am I making this up?  Also,
didn't Quality Craft do some PC well flats?

I did find a copy of the article on scratchbuilding PRR/PC/CR G41/41a gons.
Looks like a good project, will do some this winter.  Thank you Ken for the
tip on that one!  Caboose Hobbies has one listed (Railworks) if anyone is
looking for it in brass.  I thought about it, but I want several, and I have
never scratchbuilt a car with sheet plastic, so I will take the hard way out
of this one.  The article states it is easy to do Several at a time.


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