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PC: Re:Freightcar Award

>What? Was this same "golden Boxcar" being sold at the mentioned gun show
>taken from a musty trophy case in downtown Philly in the mid '70s?  What
>PC's corporate address?

If you have ever worked in the demolition/salvage business, stuff like this
is easy to find.  Back in my environmental consulting days the salvage
companies often told me to cart off what ever I could carry.  Got some early
General Motors EMD boxes w/artistic renditions of E/F units printed on them
one time. Got a GM diesel 71 series repair manual that I gave to a friend in
NY to help him restore his 1948 Greyhound coach he just bought.   I won't go
into what I could of helped my self to during a hospital job, but if it was
in a glass jar of formaldehyde......

Honestly, if you know anyone in that line of work, ask them if they ever run
into anything like this.  Chances are they do/will and they are happy to
oblige.  All they want is pipe, wire, desks, doors, windows, toilets, etc.
anyhow.    I watched one crew take a rusty metal cabinet out of a basement,
after emptying out and BREAKING the vacuum tubes (still in boxes) that were
stored in it!!


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