Metropolitan Region - Hudson Line

Philipse Manor Station, NY

Philipse Manor was a station located 25.8 miles from Grand Central Terminal, a little over a mile north of Tarrytown, NY. The following pictures show there action there on October 29, 1975.

thumbnail PC FL9 5010 brings an express train of commuters through Philipse Manor. Express trains used the inner tracks, and Philipse Manor was a local-only station, with no platforms for the inner tracks. Photo by Harv Kahn.

thumbnail PC RS3 5507 brings a short local freight through the Philipse Manor station. Photo by Harv Kahn.

thumbnail Who said the east side of the Hudson only saw commuter trains? Here U25B 2564, U30B 2840, and an unidentified U33B hustle refers westbound out of New York City. Photo by Harv Kahn.

Croton-Harmon, NY

Croton-Harmon is located 32.7 miles north of Grand Central Terminal, and was home to a shop complex for maintaining commuter equipment. This shop is still in use by Metro-North today.

thumbnail Sporting full, very clean, Penn Central paint, former Cleveland Union Terminal P-2b 4628 motor leads FL-9 5006 as they await a trip into the "Big Apple" in May 1971. These units were moved to the New York City area after the electrification in Cleveland was de-activated in the mid-1950's on the then New York Central. Collection of Dale A. DeVene Jr.

thumbnail The painting crews obviously did a rush job on P-2b 4635 as they left off the large PC logo applied to these large electrics. But the crews managed to get the logo on the commuter car following the P-2b in this April 1971 photo at Croton-Harmon, NY. Collection of Dale A. DeVene Jr.

thumbnail Penn Central P-2b 4627 stands at the ready while S-2 motor 4715 zips by with an inbound two-car commuter at Croton Harmon, NY in July 1971. Collection of Dale A. DeVene Jr.

thumbnail PC E8 4045 and P2b electric 4635 are swapping places on a passenger train at Harmon on July 9, 1972. The cigar band is showing through the black paint on the ex-NYC E8. From the collection of Stephen Foster.

thumbnail RDC 53 and a mate roll past the massive Harmon shop complex at Harmon on March 6, 1977. Photographer unknown, from the collection of Joseph Testagrose.

Peekskill, NY

thumbnail A nortbound commuter train powered by a pair of PC FL9s in the MTA blue-and-yellow paint scheme accelerate north out of Peekskill, NY, along the Hudson River on June 16, 1977. Photo by Arnold Morscher.

thumbnail A single FL9 powers a northbound commuter train out of Peekskill. Peekskill is located 41.3 miles north of Grand Central Terminal. Photo by Arnold Morscher.

Manitou, NY

thumbnail NYC northbound passenger train north of the Bear Mountain Bridge, near Manitou, NY, 1967. Photo by Jeff Sumberg.

Poughkeepsie, NY

thumbnail A southbound freight, led by PC U33B 2897 passes through the Poughkeepsie passenger station while an RDC makes a station stop. The former New Haven Poughkeepsie Bridge is in the background. Photo by Arnold Morscher.

thumbnail Yuck! A trio of Penn Central FL9s, two still wearing tattered New Haven colors, slow to a stop at the Poughkeepsie station with a southbound passenger train. Photo by Joseph Testagrose.











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