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Whiskey Island, between the west bank of the Cuyahoga River, the old Cuyahoga riverbed, and Lake Erie in the "Flats" area of Cleveland, is the location of the C&P (Cleveland & Pittsburgh, a former PRR subsidiary) ore dock and its famous Hulett iron ore unloaders, which were used up until a few years ago to unload iron ore from ships. PC often ran trains from Whiskey Island down the former PRR C&P line to Mingo Junction. Norfolk Southern continues these operations today, but not with the same vintage of motive power!

thumbnailA 23-car westbound trailvan train rolls off the Cuyahoga River drawbridge past the Leadale, which is unloading stone at Whiskey Island. DB Tower is on the right. Photo by Dennis Bydash, 5/18/75. (123 K, 1/30/02)

thumbnailEmerging from the Cuyahoga River vertical lift bridge is U30B 2881 leading PC 2504, a former NYC U25B, and 16 cars of a westbound TV train through Cleveland on Independence Day of 1974. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (154 K)

Former NYC 2884, the last of the 60 U30B's purchased by the NYC and with it's former owner's colors showing through, leads PC U33B 2962 and U30B 2869 off the Cuyahoga River Bridge and past DB Tower with a westbound freight on July 3, 1976. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (149 K)

(PC1863DD.JPG)With F7A 1863 leading three stablemates, the quartet passes westbound by Drawbridge Tower in Cleveland, Ohio in January 1974. The Cleveland and Toledo areas were good places to catch the Penn Central F-unit fleet. Cleveland was eventually the last remaining point on the Conrail system to see a live F-unit. From the collection of Dale A. DeVene Jr. (122 K)

thumbnailTwo GP40s slowly bring a westbound freight past the site of a wreck on Whiskey Island on May 12, 1974. Four days earlier, an eastbound train ran through a stop signal and crashed into the counterweight of the drawbridge, which was in the raised position. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (158 K)

thumbnail Penn PC 6330, a C630, and two other 6-axle Alcos roll off of the Cuyahoga River Drawbridge and down the ore dock lead tracks to pick up an ore drag on July 7, 1973. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (57 K)

thumbnail Penn Central 6519, the last U25C built for the PRR, leads U33Cs 6559/6557 down the lead to the C&P ore dock to pick up an ore train. DB Tower and the Terminal Tower are in the background in this September 21, 1974, picture from Whiskey Island in Cleveland. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (129 K)

thumbnailRoughly looking the opposite direction as the above two photos, we see three big Alcos, led by C628 6312, smoking it up coming out of the C&P Docks with an 83-car ore train bound for Ashtabula, which was a highly unusual routing for an ore train. The tilting target signal to the left guarded the crossing of the B&O's CT&V Subdivision (the weed-infested track between the train and the two mainline tracks in the foreground), which ended here at Whiskey Island in a small interchange yard with the PC. Photo by Dennis Bydash, July 20, 1975. (138 K)

thumbnailGP9 7506 crosses the B&O diamond while switching the ore docks. This locomotive was originally NYC 5934, and while equipped for passenger service (note the "torpedo tubes" on its roof), its passenger-hauling days are long behind it. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (158 K)

thumbnail Roaring upgrade off the Cuyahoga River bridge with a 82-car westbound freight is PC U28C 6522, SD35 6032, and U33C 6553. Dennis Bydash took this photo on June 27, 1976, not long after the start of Conrail and a few weeks before the United States' Bicentennial. (128 K)

thumbnailU30B 2869 leads a PC U25B and Reading GP35 3642 as they accelerate off the Cuyahoga River Drawbridge with a 68 car westbound freight on PC's New York-Chicago main. The tall building in the background to the right is the Terminal Tower, the office building above Cleveland Union Terminal, and, at the time was the tallest skyscraper between New York and Chicago. This scene was photographed by Dennis Bydash three months after the start of Conrail, on July 11, 1976. (142 K)

thumbnail On June 29, 1974, Penn Central U-Boats 6527,6537,6521, and 6543 rest their combined 11,900 horses while awaiting a clear track to enter the C&P dock and pick up an ore drag. Behind the train is the ore bridge at the docks, which was later destroyed during a fierce windstorm. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (138 K)

thumbnail A closeup view of the Whiskey Island ore bridge in February 1974. Photo by Al Mixter. (82 K, 7/3/03)







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