Other Assorted Photos

Intermodal Equipment

OK, so they didn't actually call it "intermodal" back then, but that's what it is:

thumbnail This ex-PCTZ trailer was found just north of Moshannon, PA, at the intersection of PA Routes 144 & 879 in early June 1998. It apparently is now in wood chip service--note the three holes in the sides (there are three similar holes on the other side). Photo by Jeff Feldmeier. (48 K)

thumbnail These two trailers were photographed in Lockport, NY, in the spring of 1999. They had been there quite a while and may still be there to this day. Photo by Rob Warchocki. (36 K)

PC Structures

thumbnail This is Lemo tower in Lemoyne, PA. This tower was originally built as "J" Tower, was moved in 1984, and is now preserved at Strasburg, PA. Read more about Lemo Tower here. Photo taken in 1977, photographer unknown. (85K)

thumbnail This is an old Pennsylvania switch tower located in Newton, IN, just south of North Manchester. The tower used to guard the crossing of the former PRR Vandalia Line with the Erie's Chicago main. This picture is from the mid- to late-1980s. Photo by Ryan Ritenour.

thumbnail Here is a photo of the old PC 2 bay engine shed in Norfolk VA. It is now used by the Eastern Shore RR. Contributed by Len.

Signs of PC

thumbnail PC sign still on a CR bridge on Detroit's east side. This sign can be found on w/b Interstate 94 just east of Mt. Elliot Ave. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail Bridge over Saw Mill Road in West Haven, Connecticut. The lettering says "N.Y. or BOSTON? GO PENN CENTRAL". Photographed on 6/29/01 by an anonymous contributor.

thumbnail Here is an overpass in S. Anderson, Indiana, with a Penn Central emblem embossed into the concrete. It is still there today. Photo by Steve Hipes.

thumbnail Who says the "red team/green team" rivalry isn't alive today? This emblem on a PC gondola was photographed in Kershaw, SC, on November 10, 2003. Notice the fresh green spray paint over the word PENN under the worms emblem! Also note that this was "red P" emblem. Photo by Jerry Jordak. (12/6/03)








New Haven










Lemo Tower