Boxcar Photos

Class X26F

thumbnailPC 115199 is a former PRR class X26F boxcar which has been neatly restenciled PC. Photo by Dick Ross, 1970, near West Park Yard in Cleveland, Ohio.

Class X29

thumbnailA rather worn and rusty class X29g boxcar, PC 252430, is seen at Avon, Indiana, in July 1987. Photo by Gary Stuebben.

Class X38f

thumbnail PC class X38f 50' double-door boxcar residing with camp cars by the ex-NYC station in Ashtabula, Ohio. As of January 2002, this car is still there, although it has been moved into CSXT's West Avenue Yard, about a half-mile away. Photo by Jerry Jordak.

Class X43b

thumbnailFormer PRR class X43b boxcar PC 125354 is seen at Herkimer, NY, in 1977. Photo by Michael Fullerton.

Class X45

thumbnail PC class X45 boxcar 350295 was at Latrobe, PA, on November 30, 1986. This car was built by the PRR in Altoona in 1952. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

Class X54

thumbnailPC 350295 was a class X54a box car, seen here at Latrobe, PA, on November 30, 1986. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

Class X55a

thumbnailPC class X55a boxcar, photographed on April 7, 1990 at Jackson, MI by Jeff Feldmeier.

Class X58

thumbnail PC class X58 50' boxcar 265635 in a train at Ashtabula, Ohio. This boxcar was amazingly clean for being photographed in 1991! Photo by Jerry Jordak.

thumbnail An X58 boxcar, PC 144352, is at Berea, OH in March 1993. Photo by Leo Landry, collection of Doug Trueblood.

thumbnail X58 boxcar 266109 at Norfolk Southern's A.O. Smith Yard, November 4, 1999. (Yes, 1999!) Photo by Gregg Benedict.

thumbnail Another shot of the 266109 at Americus, Georgia, with the PRR keystone starting to rust through. Photo by Ken Roble, Jr.

thumbnail X58 boxcar 266151 at Herkimer, NY, in 1977. Photo by Michael Fullerton.

thumbnail PC X58 266211 is seen at the yard in Olean, NY, on May 30, 1999. Photo by Bill C.

thumbnail Ex-PRR X58 boxcar with the keystones and PRR reporting marks painted over in PC green, then replaced by PC lettering. Car was photographed on 1/3/94 in BN's North Yard in Fort Collins, Colorado, by Gene Fusco.

Class X60

thumbnailClass X60 boxcar, seen at ROSE in Altoona, Pa, in September 1998. Photo by Gene Fusco.

thumbnailSame car, same location, more vegetation, this time on September 13, 2004. Photo by Gene Fusco.

Class X61d

thumbnail PC 280188 is a class X61d boxcar which had its PRR markings removed and new PC lettering applied on its brown paint. Photo by Joe Jack, location unknown, but probably at Conway Yard.

Class X62

thumbnailPC 275277 is a class X62 auto parts boxcar, built in February 1970 at PC's Samuel Rea car shops in Holidaysburg, PA, and it was still fairly new when this picture was taken. Photo by Dick Ross, 1970.

Class X68

thumbnailPC 264627 passing through the BNSF yard in Cicero, Illinois, at noon on April 1, 1997. According to "Box Car Production 1963-1994," by David G. Casdorph, the 55 X68 class boxcars in series 264596-264650 were built by the Penn Central at their Altoona, PA shops in 1970. The January 1994 ORER lists 15 of these 50-footers still in service at that time. While it is unknown how many of these cars are still in existence, this car has been spotted several times, even as recently as 3/21/97, all at same Chicago location. The combination of sides, ends, doors, and roof is distinctly PC, and while the "Despatch Shops" end could be reworked from a Pullman PS-1 kit, a good deal of scratchbuilding would be required to create an accurate model with the other spotting features: double rectangular corrugations in the roof panels, 8 side panels with an additional row of rivets running vertically down their centers, and 10-foot wide 4 panel doors with the unusually tall horizontal separations. Photo and information by Tom Jelinek.

Class X71

thumbnailPenn Central 50' X71 boxcar north of Washington in 1978. Photo by

Class X72

thumbnailPC class X72 boxcar at River Rouge, MI, January 14, 1990. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnailPenn Central class X72 boxcar, restenciled for CR, seen at ROSE in Altoona, Pa. The "PENN CENTRAL" lettering appeared to have been removed by blasting or chipping away the paint! Photo by Doug Trueblood.

thumbnailPC class X72a boxcar, date, location, and photographer unknown. From the collection of Jeff Feldmeier.

Class X74

thumbnailThe class X74 boxcars, such as PC 167881, were purchased new by PC during 1972-1973. PC 167881 was photographed at Frontier Yard in Buffalo, New York, on November 5, 1973. Photographer unknown, from the collection of Sean Lamb.

Class X79

thumbnailFormer PC X79 60' boxcar KELX 281342 (now Kelloggs owned) is seen on a northbound CN/GTW freight crossing Pleasant Avenue in River Rouge, MI, on 4/13/97. The Sightings page features info about these cars. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

Class X82

thumbnailPenn Central class X82 60' "door-and-a-half" boxcar, restenciled for CR, at Horse Shoe Curve, Pa. Notice that the painters missed the last few letters in "CENTRAL." Photo by Doug Trueblood.

thumbnail Another X82 boxcar, in much better condition, is seen at Berea, Ohio. These cars were used in auto parts service. Photo by Al Mixter.

Lot 968-B

thumbnailNew York Central used lot numbers instead of class names to identify different types of equipment. In this case, this boxcar was from Lot 968-B, which was a group of 50-foot boxcars that were rebuilt from 40-foot cars between 1965 and 1967. This car was painted in a early version of the PC scheme with the black lettering. Seen at Buffalo, New York. Photographer unknown, from the collection of Sean Lamb.