Eastern Region - Harrisburg Division

Enola Yard

thumbnail GP9 7186 works the yard in Enola in 1969. Photo by Bill Waller. (235 K)

thumbnail Another view of GP9 7186 at Enola. Photo by Bill Waller. (53 K)

thumbnail A helper set, consisting of PC U25B 2517 and GP35 2250, prepare to couple onto the rear of a westbound freight just out of Enola Yard. Photo by Dennis Bydash, 7/29/73. (105 K)

thumbnail Another view of the same power set, parked under an overpass which leads from the Rockville Bridge to the westbound main. Note the unusual signal head on the bridge. Photo by Dennis Bydash. (134 K, 1/30/02)

thumbnail A westbound freight, led by GP40 3187, rolls off of Rockville Bridge and heads for Enola Yard on November 11, 1974. Photo by Dennis Bydash, 7/29/73. (73 K, 1/30/02)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

thumbnail PC E33 4609 and mate lead a train through Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on June 24, 1977. Photo by Arnold Morscher. (70 K)

thumbnail A string of MP54 electric MU cars, led by car 437, roll into downtown Harrisburg on August 24, 1975. Photo by Gary Stuebben. (79 K)

Main Line and Columbia Branch

The following group of photos were taken by Bengt Muten in April 1973. He took the Washington section of the National Limited from Washington to Harrisburg and took pictures from a vestible of the train. The train consisted of two black E8's and one coach. Due to Hurricane Agnes the year before, the usual route between Baltimore and Harrisburg on the Northern Central Branch via York was washed out (and has not been restored to this day).

Passenger service from Baltimore to Harrisburg, during this time, was routed off the Northeast Corridor at Perryville, Md, north on the Columbia & Port Deposit (Port Road) Branch, then onto the Columbia Branch from Columbia to Royalton, and finally onto the Harrisburg-Philadelphia main line at Royalton, just east of Middletown. The following photos show some of this trip. (Thanks to Jerry Britton and Joe Kachnoskie for the background information.)

thumbnail thumbnail These two photos were taken along the Harrisburg-Philadelphia Main Line between Steelton and Harrisburg. The photo on the far left was taken at the north end of Steelton. Photos by Bengt Muten. (99 K, 83 K)

thumbnail thumbnail These two photos were probably taken on the Columbia Branch between Columbia and the junction with the main line at Royalton. Photos by Bengt Muten. (123 K, 94 K)

Hagerstown, Maryland

thumbnail At the long-unused coaling tower, PC GP40 3032 and a pair of Geeps await their next call to duty at an unknown date in 1971. Photo by Walt Gay. (250 K)






New Jersey







New Haven