Penn Central Track Diagrams

The following diagrams were contributed by John Donoian and Shawn O'Day. These are not official Penn Central corporate diagrams, but rather are maps that John and Shawn drew up themselves over the past several years of former PC territory. John and Shawn's goal is mapping various mainlines east of the Mississippi before rationalization by their owners (demolishing old PRR position light signals, for instance). I am grateful for their contribution of these maps, and they promise to send me many more, so here there are, and I hope that you will find these of use.

PRR (C&P) Main Line: Alliance to Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland & Pittsburgh was used by the PRR to access Cleveland from their Pittsburgh-Ft. Wayne main line. It saw a lot of coal and ore shipments to/from the docks at Whiskey Island in Cleveland. Today Norfolk Southern operates it as their Cleveland Line, and it is the main line for most traffic going from Pittsburgh to Chicago. This route holds a special place in the webmaster's heart, as it runs behind his house!

Going from south to north, starting in Alliance:

PRR's Toledo-Detroit Route

The PRR went from Toledo to Detroit via trackage rights on the Ann Arbor, the Chesapeake & Ohio, and it's own route north of Carleton, MI. In PC days, this line was known as the Lincoln Yard Branch. In Conrail days, it was known as the Lincoln Branch. Going from south to north:

Panhandle (PRR) Main, Pittsburgh to Columbus

This group of maps covers some points of interest in central Ohio on the former PRR main between Pittsburgh and Columbus. Today the line is operated by the Columbus & Ohio River, a part of the Ohio Central System. Starting on the east side of Newcomerstown (MP 108 from Pittsburgh) and going west:

Panhandle (PRR) Main, Columbus to Chicago

Chicago Union Station to 12th Street, Chicago

This series of diagrams covers the former joint Milwaukee Road passenger main/PRR main coming north and west out of Chicago Union Station between C.U.S. and 12th Street. This line was part of the Panhandle main line from Columbus, Ohio, to Chicago. Working out from Union Station (warning: these maps are large):

North Judson, Indiana

Grand Rapids & Indiana Branch (PRR)

The GR&I Branch ran from Mackinaw City, at the northernmost tip of lower Michigan, south through Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Canada Southern (CASO) main line, Detroit-Buffalo

These two diagrams were drawn and contributed by Adrian Telizyn.



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