Penn Central Track Diagrams

The following diagrams were scanned from original PRR, NYC, and PC track diagrams and maps.

Main Line Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (ex-PRR)

Cumberland Valley Branch (ex-PRR)

Enola Yard

Located on the banks of the Susquehanna River across from Harrisburg, Enola was a major classification yard on the PRR and into the Penn Central.

Main Line Harrisburg to Buffalo

Main Line Pittsburgh to Chicago (ex-PRR)

Better known as the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago, this former Pennsy main line connected the cities of its name and was a primary freight route for the Penn Central.

Main Line - Valley (ex-PRR/C&P)

The Penn Central's Valley Main, later (and more descriptively) called Main Line-Alliance to Cleveland, was part of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad, a PRR subsidiary, which ran between Rochester, Pa., and Cleveland. South of Alliance, the line was known as the Mahoning Secondary to Bayard, and as the Bayard Branch from Bayard to Rochester.

Main Line Buffalo to Chicago (ex-NYC)

This was part of the famous New York Central "Water Level Route" main line.

Cleveland Union Terminal Branch (ex-NYC)

The CUT Branch served Cleveland Union Terminal. It began at QD Tower at Collinwood Yard, on Cleveland's northeast side, ran to downtown Cleveland and CUT, paralleling Norfolk & Western's ex-Nickle Plate main line for part of the way, and then continued across the southwest side of Cleveland, ending in Berea at a junction with the ex-NYC Buffalo-Chicago main and the ex-Big Four/NYC main to Indianapolis and Columbus. At Collinwood and Linndale, NYC passenger trains would exchange their steam power for a P1a electric, but by the time of the Penn Central, the P1a electrics had been rebuilt to P2b's (and a single P2a) and were running on the Hudson Division between Grand Central Terminal and Croton-Harmon, NY.

Cleveland Short Line Branch (ex-NYC)

The Cleveland Short Line was NYC's freight bypass around Cleveland. It extended from QD Tower at Collinwood Yard on Cleveland's northeast side to a connection with the CUT Branch at SHORT, on Cleveland's southwest side. Directly across the diamond at SHORT was Rockport Yard, which also connected with the ex-NYC Buffalo-Chicago main line at its west end.

Clark Branch

The Clark Branch was the remaining stub of the former Big Four main line into downtown Cleveland. It ran from a connection with the ex-NYC Buffalo-Chicago main line near DB to CLARK, where it joined the CUT Branch. Its mileposts were numbered from QD Tower.

Akron Branch (ex-PRR)

The Akron Branch split off of the ex-PRR Valley Main at Hudson, Ohio, and ran southwest through Akron and Orrville, ending at Columbus. It was made redundant with the Penn Central merger by the ex-Big Four/NYC mainline between Cleveland and Columbus, and was mostly abandoned later when washouts took out several portions of the line.

Bayard Branch (ex-PRR)

The Bayard Branch ran from Rochester, Pa., to Fairhope, just outside of Canton, Ohio. The line from Rochester to Bayard was the main line of PRR subsidiary line Cleveland & Pittsburgh. The Bayard-Fairhope portion was built later as the "Bayard Cutoff," which allowed trains from Rochester to Canton and points west to travel via the Bayard Branch, since there was no connection in the southwest quadrant of the diamond at Alliance.

Mahoning Secondary (ex-PRR)

The Cleveland & Pittsburgh line between Bayard and Alliance. This short line was (and still is) unsignaled, or "dark," territory.

Erie & Pittsburgh Branch (ex-PRR)

The Erie & Pittsburgh Branch is the line that I am modeling in HO. It ran between New Castle and Erie, Pennsylvania.



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