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Re: PC: ExactRail's Greenville 60ft Auto Parts cars...

I also got all three and they are pretty light green.  I plan to weather appropriately.  Also got all three of the DT&I cars which seemed to get a passing grade from various "experts".  By the way, on the Exactrail page all the 60' cars are sold out save for the the Western Pacific cars.

And for grins a couple of weeks ago I took out examples of Penn Central green cars:  the Exactrail car, Walther's PC caboose, Lifelike's X72, a Rail Yard X58 I painted with PCRRHS paint, the new Athearn PC Airslide car, an Athearn faux X58, and an Intermountian PS 4750 car.  Colors all over the place, ranging from the light end with the Exactrail car to the PS 4740 which is rather dark green.  At least I'll have variety in my trains...

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

On Oct 11, 2009, at 5:34 PM, KENNETH MC CORRY wrote:

Dave the PC cars are painted NYC Century green. Hopefully a second run will have teh correct color. I picked up all three and weathered them. Very nice cars. They were built in 1973 for Ford engine service at the Lima and Cleveland plants. later on in late PC years some were modified internally and moved to Fisher body service. The cars as built by Exact Rail are lettered for the Ford service . -----------  Ken McCorry

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Subject: PC: ExactRail's Greenville 60ft Auto Parts cars...
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Date: Sunday, October 11, 2009, 3:44 PM


      Did anyone purchase any of the other cars (beside the PC X78) that
ExactRail has to offer?
      I didn't get the PC car because of the reports I've been reading
the paint is wrong. I haven't seen the X78 myself but I talk to a few
folks at the PC meet and they told me the paint was "mint green". So now
I'm interested in the DT&I cars since they were PC assigned cars. I did
get the Western Pacific cars and they look good. I have to check but I
think these cars were PC assigned cars to the Ford Motor Co.
    If we are lucky, ExactRail may do a second run of the PC X78 cars
with the proper green paint.


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