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PC: Rare Book: PC Assigned Equipment


       Does anyone here ever heard or ever saw a PC Assigned Equipment

      This book contains every home road car (PC,PRR,NYC) and every
foreign road car that is assigned to the Penn Central. Or if it has
(example): "Return to PC-Jackson Mich."
I never knew that such a book existed till a few months ago.
     The book I have has all the auto parts cars assigned to the
Northern Region and who the consignee is (Ford,GM,Chrysler) and what
yard it's to be returned to. Even shows what auto parts the cars handle.
But it's not just auto parts cars, it's every type of car. Lots of cars
assigned to Kelloggs of Battle Creek MI. Lots of cars for Whirlpool
     The bulk of the book is auto parts. About 13,000 cars. Some foreign
road cars like ATSF and UP cars never saw their own rails. They spent
their careers on the PC between plants and assembly lines.
 Dave Hopson

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