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Re: PC: Triumph Book Series

I have one of the books (Altoona - Pittsburgh).  There are a number of PC photos but the quality of them are not really that great.  There seemed to be more emphasis on PRR (of course) and Conrail.
The books are more of a history book with lots of photos rather than a typical book. Initially I thought it was pretty good even though it was written in a somewhat quirky style. Lately I think some of this quirkiness is due to some biased research.
All in all OK and I did learn a lot but do not buy it for the photos. I did not purchase any more in the series after buying this volume.
-Tom Haag
In a message dated 9/18/2009 10:47:57 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, h18w777@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Can anyone on list answer a series of questions about these books?  I am
interested in obtaining them, but would like to hear from current owners
before making a purchase.

-How much PC era material is contained in them?  I realize that PRR material
will predominate, but I am interested in how much text/photos are allocated
to PC.

-I understand that Triumph II has information about the Shocks Mill bridge
collapse.  Can anyone detail what is there?  Photos? Text?  Are the photos
company made or railfan?  A mix?  Is there a photo of the repaired bridge?
My interest in this incident is intense and if there material relevant to my
interest it is likely this would be the first purchase.

-I take it these books primarily cover infrastructure rather than rolling
stock.  Is that correct?

-Finally, would you recommend purchase of these books by someone who is
primarily interested in adding Penn Central information sources to his

Any replies welcome.  Would prefer off list since I may have other questions
and don't want to clog the list.



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