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PC: Triumph Book Series

Can anyone on list answer a series of questions about these books? I am interested in obtaining them, but would like to hear from current owners before making a purchase.

-How much PC era material is contained in them? I realize that PRR material will predominate, but I am interested in how much text/photos are allocated to PC.

-I understand that Triumph II has information about the Shocks Mill bridge collapse. Can anyone detail what is there? Photos? Text? Are the photos company made or railfan? A mix? Is there a photo of the repaired bridge? My interest in this incident is intense and if there material relevant to my interest it is likely this would be the first purchase.

-I take it these books primarily cover infrastructure rather than rolling stock. Is that correct?

-Finally, would you recommend purchase of these books by someone who is primarily interested in adding Penn Central information sources to his library.

Any replies welcome. Would prefer off list since I may have other questions and don't want to clog the list.



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