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PC: PC (ex-NYC) F7a 1686


         Does anyone know when ex NYC F7a 1686 was painted to PC. Found
an odd slide of 1686 in NYC paint surrounded by PC painted F units. Odd
thing is 1686 is clean and the PC covered wagons are dirty. I can't make
out the date on the slide but there's a loaded auto rack with 1971
Plymouths so it would have to be either 1970 or 71. 
       Also there's a photo of NYC 1686 in the book "Trackside in the
Rust Belt" (Morning Sun). The photo is marked Feb 27, 1971 and it has
1686 leading another PC F and the ex Rio Grande F as a trailing unit.
And in that photo, 1686 is clean while the trailing units are dirty.
This photo is in Cleveland. 
     Any info on a paint date on 1686 is appreciated. Thanks in



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