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Re: PC: ex-NYC E-Units with Hancock Airwhistle

NYC 4004 was official retired by Penn Central and stricken from their books
on April 30, 1968.  No PC markings were ever applied to it.

Mark Branibar

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> Did any of the ex- NYC E-7's make it to the PC era with their
> Hancock Air whistles? If so, did the E-units have PC paint jobs. Have
> any road numbers? I know that some PC locomotives had Hancock whistles
> but I didn't realize that a few Central E7's had them late.

According to Geoffry Doughty's book "New York Central's Great Steel Fleet",
only NYC 4004
and 4006 had the Hancock whistles.. (and a handful of RS-2 locos, not
identified) There is a
photo of NYC 4006 on pg 13 and of NYC 4004 on pg 70 of this book with both
showing the
Hancock Air chime.

Images I found on-line:
Here is 4004 dated April 1968 with the Hancock:

This photo of 4006 is dated March 1968 and has regular horns:

So, the answer is yes, one made to PC. NYC 4004 should have become PC 4004,
but I don't
have any info on if 4004 was repainted to PC.  The hunt should be easy to
see if the one ex-
NYC E7 made it to PC paint with the Hancock: just search for PC 4004...


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