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Re: PC: ex-NYC E-Units with Hancock Airwhistle

> Did any of the ex- NYC E-7's make it to the PC era with their
> Hancock Air whistles? If so, did the E-units have PC paint jobs. Have
> any road numbers? I know that some PC locomotives had Hancock whistles
> but I didn't realize that a few Central E7's had them late.

According to Geoffry Doughty's book "New York Central's Great Steel Fleet", only NYC 4004
and 4006 had the Hancock whistles.. (and a handful of RS-2 locos, not identified) There is a
photo of NYC 4006 on pg 13 and of NYC 4004 on pg 70 of this book with both showing the
Hancock Air chime.

Images I found on-line:
Here is 4004 dated April 1968 with the Hancock:

This photo of 4006 is dated March 1968 and has regular horns:

So, the answer is yes, one made to PC. NYC 4004 should have become PC 4004, but I don't
have any info on if 4004 was repainted to PC.  The hunt should be easy to see if the one ex-
NYC E7 made it to PC paint with the Hancock: just search for PC 4004...


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