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PC: Penn Central in color Volume 2

I waited awhile before replying on this subject so I could digest the photos in more depth

First, let me preface this diatribe with the fact that I am a Johnny come lately to the Penn Central. As a child of the south, my RRs were L&N, L&N, and L&N. Oh the occasional Southern or ICG was thrown in, but my family all worked for the L&N.. Also, what else was there to haul but coal? :-)

This will have a modelers slant for sure, because I look at the scenery first then the train subject.

Page 6, the eclectic building mix in the background, plus all the debris in the foreground. Page 9, bottom, again the structure mixture, the rear of the billboard facing the road just above the middle of the train and the Peace sign on the top of the building right above the locomotive.. Page 10, top, there is so much spilled fuel and grease in the service area...one fusee and it would probably burn for days.
Pages, 10/11 Hyde Park station...are those boxcar roofs over the steps?
Pages 12/13...this is THE photo in the book for me... semaphore signals, truncated passenger train, boarded up station, all the PC painted vehicles in the background(Athearn model or stand in), all the debris along the right of way. Page 26 top, is that tower made out of stone? What an edifice to a RR's legacy. Page 34 top, Hell Gate bridge, I never knew this was how the approaches were on this bridge.....makes a southern boy weep, it looks like something the Romans would have built.
Pages 72/73 the stone/block faced engine facility, IH PC truck
Pages 74/75, Red Bank, NJ..home of one of my favorite movie directors...Kevin Smith. Page 98, the GP30 and cabin car on the bridge complete with a signal on the bridge! Page 102, the team track right above the tank car..where is the vehicle access?

While heavy on electrics...wasn't that the point of this portion of the series anyway?, there is more than enough diesel, rolling stock, and other minutiae to keep me happy and wanting Volume 3 to be here now.

Craig Hatter
Modeling Penn Central on the Panhandle circa 1974

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