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Re: PC: Buckeye Yard Closes

Sadly, America had all these large percentages of industrial might and we also allowed ourselves to tap our resources and use / market them as well.  Somehwere along the line, someone got the bright idea that killing the Golden Goose was okay as long as it yielded profit "today" and who cares about the future, as long as we got our profits.  They sent the work overseas and lied about needing to compete globally (which was backwards - speak for we do not want to pay an American a living wage).  Then as a result, they crippled the buying power of many Americans for they had no income left to afford things because all that was left were stupid "service industry" jobs.
Now we are seeing the end result of greed and it is simply that there are no jobs, and there are no industries and as new closures take place, less people with money to buy things or even afford to live, so more jobs are lost and more places of employment close.  Unless this nasty spiral is turned around (and there is no reason it can't) we are doomed as a nation.  Just too long a history of tearing everything down in the name of progress.
Jim Kosty
Painted Post NY
     Did you guys know that the Penn Central Co. had just about 80% of
all the Steel Mills on their lines and about 55% of all new car
production. That's not including the auto parts. Almost every TV, Radio,
Appliance,etc, went to market on the PC. Where's all that now????

Dave H.

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