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RE: PC: Buckeye Yard Closes

But at least Enola is open. Conrail closed it down...NS reopened it.


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     With all the Manufacturing and Auto plants being closed down, more
yards will bite the dust. Enola is nothing compared to what it used to
be. Conway's eastbound hump has been closed for sometime now. Pot Yard
is gone.
     I'm pretty sure you guys HAD yards near where you live that are now
nothing more than a few tracks and trees. 
      Did you guys know that the Penn Central Co. had just about 80% of
all the Steel Mills on their lines and about 55% of all new car
production. That's not including the auto parts. Almost every TV, Radio,
Appliance,etc, went to market on the PC. Where's all that now????

Dave H. 

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