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RE: PC: Buckeye Yard Closes

And this is all the more reason for folks to ask why the manufacturing was allowed to go elsewhere.  I know it's free - enterprise, but there will be no jobs or "greatness" left here at all if the government or someone doesn't realize that you can't have prosperity without jobs.  Money can't change hands if nobody has the ability to make money.
I live in upstate NY, where the Erie and DL&W, Lehigh Valley and NYC were major players 33 years ago.  Forty miles east of here, was the LV's Sayre Yards and shops.  The yards are still there, much has been torn up, but aside from GE Railcar using the bulk of the yeard trackage, NS goes down there with coal trains bound for Ludlowville north of Ithaca NY and a handful of cars for Mehoopany PA (The giant Charmin T.P. factory).  Under LV and much of Conrail, the carloadings to and from Charmin's plant were huge.  Now you go to the factory and Schneider Trucking has a huge terminal across the road from the plant and the large rail yard does little more than provide storage for unused freight cars.  The rest of the LV mainline across upstate NY was shut down after the last LV train traversed it March 31, 1976 and only small stretches exist west of Geneva, a long part goes south form Geneva to Seneca Army Depot at Kendaia, and then it is torn up from there to Van Etten Jct. where the passenger main split from the Buffalo Extension mainline which went along Seneca Lake.  The busiest part of the old LV main is what NS uses for mainline from New Jersey to Allentown PA.
The Erie and DL&W mainlines passed right through Corning here until their merger in October 1960, then trackage was consolidated, using the Erie mainline from Hornell to Buffalo and abandoning the Lackawanna as a through main in about 1964.  The EL saw about 24 scheduled freights a day until Conrail.  Under CR, the LV trains immediately came this way via either the NYC mainline to Lyons and then down the old NYC Pa. Div. line to Corning, then east on the EL mainline to Waverly and back to "home LV rails at Sayre.  The EL main ended up seeing about 50 trains a day during the first few years of CR due to the detouring of a lot of traffic off the Pennsy and NYC mains as they were refurbished, but alot of the traffic was the original EL traffic mixed with the new (at the time) D&H trackage rights over the line which added about 10 trains a day to the mix.  In 1988, the NYC Pa. Division line which ran from Lyons ny at the mainline to Williamsport PA was severed from Wellsboro Jct. PA to Avis PA, about at least 50 miles or so torn up, as CR favored the Old PRR Buffalo - Harrisburg main for whatever reason with its pushers and steepest mainline grade at Keating south of Olean NY.  This line now sees locals north of Williamsport to Buffalo.  The old EL mainline through Corning sees about 6 scheduled through trains a day, not couting the coal extras.  But it is sad that everything is in a long, slow state of decline.  You'd think that due to all this environmentalist horror they crow about, the railroads would be rightly utililized to get the damn trucks off the roads and stop the waste of fuel they represent.
Sad to see, but hoping this will be temporary in nature, not a sign of times to yet come.
Jim Kosty  

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Subject: Re: PC: Buckeye Yard Closes
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 11:11:52 -0400
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On May 4, 2009, at 11:07 AM, zootowerprr@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

     With all the Manufacturing and Auto plants being closed down, more
yards will bite the dust. Enola is nothing compared to what it used to
be. Conway's eastbound hump has been closed for sometime now. Pot Yard
is gone.
     I'm pretty sure you guys HAD yards near where you live that are now
nothing more than a few tracks and trees. 
      Did you guys know that the Penn Central Co. had just about 80% of
all the Steel Mills on their lines and about 55% of all new car
production. That's not including the auto parts. Almost every TV, Radio,
Appliance,etc, went to market on the PC. Where's all that now????

Dave H. 

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