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Re: PC: Penn Central In Color Volume 2

Title: Re: PC: Penn Central In Color Volume 2
There is one map that is a bit more detailed than the map in volume one, it’s back to the website for you for real detail.


G/Andy Harmon4/3/09 2:21 PM

One of my small, small gripes with the first volume was the lack of more deatiled regional maps showing the lines featured in the book. For those of us, who never explored those areas of the PC, it helps "locate" the images in the book.  

Ended up printing out the div maps from Jerry's PC site and keeping those in the book.

No biggie, but just wondering if Vol. 2 has more detailed maps., or if it's back to the site for some more map printing.


robert.holzweiss@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I agree with Bob Stetser's post.

Vol. 2 features the usual high quality Morning Sun photo reproduction
although some of the photos are a bit fuzzy probably because of the
quality of 1960s/70s cameras and speed of the subjects.  Most pics are
new (at least to me) and shot for the most part by photogs who are
well known on this list.  Problem of getting high quality overhead
shots in electrified territory is obvious because most (not all)shots
are at ground level.

Branch line coverage is decent although no mention Danbury or Canaan
Branches.  Just one pic of Cedar Hill too.  West Shore (ex-NYC) has
just two pics plus harbor tugs.

The intro is what you would expect and really reiterates what most of
us already know.  Captions are fine especially considering that most
pics had no information about date, location or details about the
subject.  The author did his homework and gathered what information he
could.  Unusual for a Morning Sun book is the caption mix-up on pages
8-9.  Photos (or captions) on bottom of 8 and top of 9 are switched.

In all, a quality effort and a must have for the PC fan but perhaps
too much stuffed into one volume.  Ex-NYC electrified lines and West
Shore could probably be their own volume, especially if West Shore is
covered to Selkirk.  This is a mild criticism of course considering
the lack of PC specific books and the high quality of the photos in
this volume.

Bob Holzweiss

P.S. Kudos to the PC Society for the latest issue of the PC Post.
Received mine today and read it cover-to-cover right away.  Another
fine effort especially the FL9 piece.  To all those that contributed
and worked on the editing, thank you for your time and effort.

On 4/1/09, Bob & Emily Stetser <stets@xxxxxxxxx> <mailto:stets@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

Volume 2

Same format and just as long as volume 1.
Covers "Along the Eastern Seaboard: Boston to Philadelphia"

It seems that all photos are of the PC era with a couple of late 1976 early

Good introduction.

Fair amount of branch line coverage, GREAT photos of 9999 at work, I felt
the photos of Camden were weak and not as informative as the photos of
Waverly or Philly.

Photos covered from 1968 up to the last couple of days, plus a few Conrail
start up.

If you want/need photos of catenary there's plenty here.

Great loco shots, not as much coverage of actual freight cars.  Photos of 2
different tugs.

The photo descriptions and explanations exceed most other books and are a
major highlight to further your knowledge of a certain branch or the whole
area covered in the book.

A lot of photos of electrics.  Turbo Train got it's own page.

Several good shots of Alco's and rare Baldwin's and as mentioned the 9999.

Just as good as volume 1 already looking forward to volume 3 covering more
of Philly and "points south and west".

I paid $48.95 this past Sunday at a train show in New Jersey.  Worth every


Gary L4/1/09 5:27 AM


Would be interested in hearing from list members that have this book
already.  Posts to the PRR Cat list seem to indicate that it was available

Any owners here that would care to give a brief review and answer some
questions about it?

-Coverage area?

-Any pre PC era photos?  If so, how many...?

-Date spread for the book?

-Any specifically good/unusual photos that caught your eye?  If so, what
were they?

Thanks for the information





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