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Re: PC: Penn Central In Color Volume 2

Volume 2

Same format and just as long as volume 1.
Covers "Along the Eastern Seaboard: Boston to Philadelphia"

It seems that all photos are of the PC era with a couple of late 1976 early

Good introduction.

Fair amount of branch line coverage, GREAT photos of 9999 at work, I felt
the photos of Camden were weak and not as informative as the photos of
Waverly or Philly.

Photos covered from 1968 up to the last couple of days, plus a few Conrail
start up.

If you want/need photos of catenary there's plenty here.

Great loco shots, not as much coverage of actual freight cars.  Photos of 2
different tugs.

The photo descriptions and explanations exceed most other books and are a
major highlight to further your knowledge of a certain branch or the whole
area covered in the book.

A lot of photos of electrics.  Turbo Train got it's own page.

Several good shots of Alco's and rare Baldwin's and as mentioned the 9999.

Just as good as volume 1 already looking forward to volume 3 covering more
of Philly and "points south and west".

I paid $48.95 this past Sunday at a train show in New Jersey.  Worth every


Gary L4/1/09 5:27 AM

> Would be interested in hearing from list members that have this book
> already.  Posts to the PRR Cat list seem to indicate that it was available
> early.
> Any owners here that would care to give a brief review and answer some
> questions about it?
> -Coverage area?
> -Any pre PC era photos?  If so, how many...?
> -Date spread for the book?
> -Any specifically good/unusual photos that caught your eye?  If so, what
> were they?
> Thanks for the information
> Gary 

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