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Re: PC: PC Tuscan E8 w/logo


Thanks for the plug!!!

Now everyone get to your computers and bid on this item.  Bid high and
often.  I want to get a good price for it when it ends Sunday night.

Back to serious matters.  It was one of 3 that got a new coat of red paint
during PC and I think the only one that got the large side logo.

Mark Branibar

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       Some time ago I think there was a question asked about former PRR
E8's wearing tuscan with the PC logo. Check out this ebay item.

Pat McKinney
Click here: PENN CENTRAL PC tuscan red E8A 4273 ROSTER DUPE SLIDE - eBay
(item 160318832464 end time Mar-07-09 13:19:10 PST)

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