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Re: PC: Ever Heard of THE ROCK

In a message dated 2/21/2009 2:15:40 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, johng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Have You Ever Heard of THE ROCK ?
Yes I have.
Oh!  You probably want an answer to your detailed question!  Well THE ROCK was either a pro wrestler or a poor marketing idea for the bankrupt Rock Island railroad.
The Rock Island railroad went from a scheme of reds and browns for locomotives and cars to an almost sky blue color and from calling themselves the Rock Island railroad to "THE ROCK".  The clean, blue freight cars were a distinctive sight throughout the US but blue paint did not work any better than red and the railroad eventually shut down.
The "THE ROCK" paint scheme started I believe in 1978 so these blue freight cars would never have been seen in Penn Central freight trains.
-Tom Haag

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