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Re: PC: HOBSON Yard???

Hobson is still there and is where NS as Conrail did, has helpers to help trains go to Columbus as needed. They usually don't need them all the way but I have seen them stay on especially if they are to be traded out at Buckeye. CSX still owns the track from Kanauga Ohio to Hobson. It used to go all of the way into Pomeroy and serve industries there. I have never figured out why CSX don't sell it to NS. Must be some big bucks per car.... There are at least two tracks in "the yard" and used for passing trains.
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       Anyone know where "HOBSON" Yard is? Saw a PC photo and there was
a "Hobson Yard" sign on a block station. Thanks in advance...

Hobson is the name of a junction on the PC's Southern Branch (today's NS West Virginia Secondary) near Middleport, OH. Here, NYC and PC got on trackage rights over a C&O branch line for about a dozen miles to Kanauga, OH, where they got back onto their own trackage and crossed the Ohio River into West Virginia. There's a reference to Hobson and this trackage rights arrangement on page 68 of Jerry Taylor's book _Sampling of Penn Central_.

Throw "Hobson, OH" into maps.live.com or maps.google.com and you'll find it. From what I can tell on the aerial photos, the yard is now gone, as is the C&O line. I'm guessing the yard is between the two separated tracks where the junction used to be.

BTW, note that the name is "HoBson" and not "HoPson." :-)


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