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Re: PC: HOBSON Yard???

zootowerprr@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

       Anyone know where "HOBSON" Yard is? Saw a PC photo and there was
a "Hobson Yard" sign on a block station. Thanks in advance...

Hobson is the name of a junction on the PC's Southern Branch (today's NS West Virginia Secondary) near Middleport, OH. Here, NYC and PC got on trackage rights over a C&O branch line for about a dozen miles to Kanauga, OH, where they got back onto their own trackage and crossed the Ohio River into West Virginia. There's a reference to Hobson and this trackage rights arrangement on page 68 of Jerry Taylor's book _Sampling of Penn Central_.

Throw "Hobson, OH" into maps.live.com or maps.google.com and you'll find it. From what I can tell on the aerial photos, the yard is now gone, as is the C&O line. I'm guessing the yard is between the two separated tracks where the junction used to be.

BTW, note that the name is "HoBson" and not "HoPson." :-)


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