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Re: PC: Regarding the Verti Pak cars.

zootowerprr@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
      Found some more interesting shots of the Verti Paks. One is on the
B&O at Sterling Ohio crossing the EL. The Verti Paks are mixed in with
regular bi levels loaded with Chevy Vans and the V-Paks tower over the
bi-levels. Also found a shot of one at Ravenna.
Well I guess that's one car I can't run on the layout.

Think of all the money you'll save though! :)

A number of years ago I had thought that I would never have to buy any of the Accurail autoracks, as I didn't think there was automobile traffic on the line I model, until I discovered last year that there was a pair of trains that ran via Lordstown and Mahoningtown. So when MB Klein had the RTR ones on sale a couple months ago, I jumped on four of them...


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