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PC: Fw: [MFCL] Fw: Regarding the Verti Pak cars.

Mr. McCorry, here are a few more details regarding the Vert-A-Pac cars. I certainly appreciate your information and I couldn't remember if you were a member of the MFCL on yahoo so I cut and pasted this.

Craig Hatter

Craig Hatter wrote:
Here is some additional Vert-A-Pac information regarding Penn
Central from the PC list. So did the IC, L&N ,FEC, SRR, and SCL own
these for shipment to Miami? New Orleans, Atlanta

Yep, or rather their cars were their contribution to pool, based on
their handling of the traffic to those markets. As Dan Holbrook
pointed out, the cars were pooled, not segregated for loading to each

What about the B&O? Wouldn't they have had clearance problems as well?

Going east, yes. Going west to Chicago no. Besides switching the
loading pads at Lordstown, I believe they also shared the line haul
to Chicago with PC. (GM liked to have route redundancy to promote
better service through competition, and alternate routes in case of
route blockage.) B&O later bought fully-enclosed ETTX trilevels for
the westbound traffic pool, and enclosed but roofless CTTX trilevels
for the eastbound pool. Many other roads, including western roads
ATSF, D&RGW, UP and WP, also had roofless CTTX cars in the eastern
traffic pools.

Also, what would have been the maximum mileage for a tractor-
trailer car-hauler? 500 miles? 750? 1000?

That I don't know, 500 miles sounds about right.

BTW, you can let Ken know that the VAPs did operate into the Conrail
era, but only for that last model year.

Jim Eager <jeager@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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