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Sorry Guys....

       I sent the email to the wrong list. My email is doing it's own

       The car in question is the Verti-Pak cars. They were over 18 feet
tall and I think they were too tall for the PRR side (Gallitzin) and too
tall east of Enola. I've seen them on the Ft Wayne and Panhandle.  
      Pat, I think you would know better than me about the height
restrictions on the PRR side of the PC. Could a car over 18 feet tall go
east to Enola or to Waverly under the wires? Have a photo of one in
Alliance on an eastbound train. So the question is...where is an 18 ft-4
inch tall car going on the Ft Wayne? Can a car that tall go to High
Bridge or Weehawken on the NYC side from Indiana or Ohio.


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