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PC: Re:


       I would have to say that type of car didn't go east of Conway.
Don't think it could go on the PRR side of PC. Maybe it would go on the
NYC side but the tunnels are tight. Probably to tall for Gallitzin and
New Portage. I think the tallest cars on the PRR side east of Enola were
between 16 and 17 feet tall. And they were restricted to certain tracks
on the NEC. I'm pretty sure that 18ft- 4 inches tall was too tall for
the for the catenary. There are photos of them on the Ft Wayne and
Panhandle because the plant was in Ohio. So Penn Central got the cars
but where they went from there I don't know. There ARE photos of them in
Leetsdale going east to Conway during the PC and Conrail eras. Saw a
photos of an eastbound in Alliance with the cars.  
     The lowest wire is in Trenton and the Hy-Cubes and loaded racks
were really close. Ford and Chevy had Plants up there but they used
BTTX, Merchants Dispatch, and KTTX racks. So you'll have to ask those
freight car guys. But the bottom line is this: they DID run on the
PC.....but how far east.

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