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PC: Amtrak ex-PC cabooses

Does anyone have the PRR &/or PC numbers for 14002, 14012, &/or 14020? 
Amtrak 14002 & 14020 are/were two of the seven ex-Amtrak cabooses reported at Standard Steel, Burnham, PA.  Four of the other "ex-Amtrak" cabooses at Standard Steel were IDed as KC 4502, 4503, 4504, & 4505.  What were their Amtrak numbers?  I'd guess all seven were purchased as a group from Amtrak.
Also, I wonder if the ex-Amtrak caboose reported above as 14020 isn't/wasn't a misidentification of 14012?
Speaking of ex-Amtrak crummies reportedly in Pennsylvania, PRR #?/PC #?/Amtrak #? is reported at a scrap yard along Rt. 210, near the Keystone Power Plant, Shelocta.  Can anyone confirm this car is ex-Amtrak and provide a number for it?
Thanks, Roger
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