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Re: PC: PC Western Region

Hello Pat

Your question arrived in my in-box just as I opened a Penn Central
system map from April 1968.  According to the map, H.C. Kohout was
Western Region VP and General Manager headquartered in Chicago.  The
Ft. Wayne, Chicago and Western Divisions were under his office.

Mr. Kohout was a PRR man.  As of April 30, 1961 he served as the
Regional Manager of PRR's Buckeye Region.  See

As a side note, I found an interesting source of PRR, NYC, PC and CR
information on a site called Multimodalways.  Main page is here

Interesting content (mostly scanned documents)
PC -- http://www.multimodalways.org/archives/rrs/PCTC/PCTC.html
PRR -- http://www.multimodalways.org/archives/rrs/PRR/PRR.html
PRR+NYC -- http://www.multimodalways.org/archives/rrs/NYC+PRR/NYC+PRR.html

Go to the archives tab at the bottom of the main page for other
railroad content.

Bob Holzweiss

On 12/4/08, PKMac101@xxxxxxx <PKMac101@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> List,
>        Who succeeded the VP of the PRR Western Region at the PC merger,
> considering that this postion still existed at the time of the merger? If
> the postion was blanked at merger time,what was the highest ranking position
> in charge of the PC Western Region and what was his name?  Which RR was he
> from?
> Thanks,
> Pat McKinney

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