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GM's current problems remind me more of British Leyland (MG and Triumph's parent company), than Penn Central...even if they both came together via mergers in 1968. BL too had lots of internal strife, mainly because management came from adversarial companies, and they had too many plants. Also present was some interesting accounting--it was pretty easy to juggle numbers to make divisions look like they were making money when they really weren't. Anyway, BL, like PC got taken over by the government, eventually spun off...and then gobbled up by new owners.

...and now for the PC content. When the oil crisis hit, and people started buying imported vehicles...did the autorack traffic change much?

--Chris Osterhus

> Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 12:18:03 -0500
> From: gary@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: PC: GM / FORD / PC
> To: penn-central@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi list,
> I was too young at the time, but from what I've read about PC's past (and
> the RRs in general of the 1960s / 70s), the current plight of the
> automaker's before Congress sounds like history repeating itself...albeit a
> different industry.
> Of course there are differences, but anybody else notice this?
> Gary

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