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RE: PC: A few boxcars

I'm sorry to say that that boxcar is indeed gone.  It was sitting there for at least a couple decades right near the north-city riverfront on a piece of industrial trackage.  Even at that time (less than 5 years ago), the actual rails were nearly impossible to find due to the accumulation of dirt, debris, etc.  The car, and the wherehouse it is behind are all gone, giving way to a riverfront casino.  The car was in poor shape for as long as I have known it.  The other end of the car (not shown in the picture) was completely cut away with a few pieces of plywood covering the gaping hole.  I'm guessing it was used for permanent company storage at one time.  It still was an interesting car as one could see some of the original PRR markings underneath the fading PC paint.  Just FYI, the car was located in a very bad part of north STL at the time.  Tansients were often seen living on the dock of this abandoned wherehouse.  I always wanted to open up a door on this car and check it out, but feared what I might find inside (bodies, bums, both, etc...).
-Gregg B.


Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 08:41:45 -0500
From: Lon10@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: PC: A few boxcars
To: penn-central@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

<<<<It would be a good guess that the PC box car at St.Louis is still there.>>>>
Not neccesarily. The price of scrap shot up to the sky a wee bit back. It is about $6 a hundred pounds now, it was $14.
I would be surprised if someone didn't torch it.

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