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Re: PC: Fw: (erielack) EL Power On PC Maybrook Trains

Intriguing question for sure.

On page 451 of "The Erie Lackawanna Story" (Carleton) there is a
picture of PC 6545 leading two EL U-boats on NE-97 entering Port

On page 26 of "A colorful Look at the Erie Lackawanna" (Pennisi) there
are two pictures of NE-97 entering Port Jervis with an EL U-boat
leading two PC U25Cs.

This confirms what has already been stated so here are two educated
guesses about EL power leading in PC territory.

#1  The EL locomotives were not compliant with PC union regulations.
Recall the problems with former PRR locomotives operating on the
former NYC because of compliance issues.  I am thinking specifically
of the type of seats and arm rests (or lack thereof).  A PC hogger
would know better than I if this was true.

#2  The locomotives were added/removed at Maybrook during the set out
per Jim's message.  Everything I have read on this train indicates it
was a Maybrook to Port Jervis run-through which would indicate that EL
units did not venture east of Maybrook and PC units did not venture
west of Port Jervis.  Even though most of the run was on the EL,
perhaps the PC was forced to supply power as part of the agreement to
resume Maybrook interchange with EL and L&HR after the NH merger.
This case is extensively documented so if you have access to the
relevant ICC reports, the answer may be close at hand.

Bob Holzweiss

On 11/7/08, Jerry W. Jordak <jer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> A friend of mine sent me the following email, asking if I knew the answer as
> to why PC power almost always led on the joint PC/EL trains between Maybrook
> and Cedar Hill. I don't know why. Anyone know?
> Thanks,
> -JWJ
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> Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:28 PM
> Subject: RE: (erielack) EL Power On PC Maybrook Trains
> >
> > > Looking at my newest addition to the library, PENN CENTRAL IN
> > > COLOR V1, I noted the two excellent photos of the PC/EL
> > > Maybrook run throughs on page 53.  Both show PC U33C leaders
> > > in both directions.
> > >
> > > two photos of these trains, again with PC leaders on both.
> > >
> > > Question is, did EL power ever lead these trains.  If not,
> > > why?  Also, are there any photos online, or in publications,
> > > of these trains on the PC?
> > >
> >
> > I have seen photos of EL power leading these trains, but the PC guys
> > liked having their newer power on there. For a while, the PC's new U33Cs
> > were very common on these trains.
> >
> > There were photos posted to the list a while back of the trains crossing
> > the Poughkeepsie Bridge, but that's the only shots I've ever seen of
> > this train on the PC.
> >
> > - Paul
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