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Re: PC: SO tower fire

Welcome to the Southern Railway!!! Although I have only seen and photographed 2-track versions, that certainly does sound like SRR practice. BTW, my documentation of the last days of the CR was an entire week in May 1998. We started in Harrisburg and worked our way west to Pittsburgh. Saw only (1) foreign power locomotive during the entire trip, and it was trailing. It took a southern boy awhile to figure out those lunar light signals. The SO tower there at South Fork,is the place we had the beejeezus scared out of us. In the late afternoon, this group of deer comes scarmbling out of the brush. We thought it was the CR detectives making a grab for 5 unauthorized trespassers. I do know that was real railroading....not the hurry up and wait version here in KY(CNO&TP excepted)
Craig Hatter
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I passed SO tower on the Pennsylvanian at 8PM Saturday only to see a pile of rubble :-(  More bad news includes two of the intermediate signal bridges between SLOPE and the curve have been converted into color light monstrocities.  They are not even new signal bridhes, but horribly awkward looking 3 track cantilevers.

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Picture of the burned SO tower after an early morning arson fire 11-8-08
Three weeks ago I passed SO Tower on the Pennsylvanian.....I was surprised at that time to see that it was still standing.
Always sad to see another of the few reminders of PRR/PC disappear.
-Tom Haag

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