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Re: PC: Fw: (erielack) EL Power On PC Maybrook Trains

So from the PC in Color book we're talking about NE-97 and NE-74? Looking at the NE-97 schedule from 5-1-74, which is pretty lengthy, it leaves Boston with an EL block and Cedar Hill block, takes more cars at Readville, sets off and picks up cars at Providence, sets off and picks up at Cedar Hill, picks up EL at Derby Jct, picks up EL at Danbury, sets off Maybrook cars for NX-9 at Poughkeepsie, and delivers the rest to the EL and L&HR at Maybrook.

The key to this is how the blocks are set up at Cedar Hill: 1. Maybrook; 2. EL; 3. EL-caboose; 4 L&HR. So going west from there, more block 2 EL is picked up at both Derby Jct and Danbury, and Block 1 which is the Maybrook cars are set off at Poughkeepsie. At Maybrook Blocks 2 and 3 are delivered to EL, and Block 4 to L&HR.

From this blocking of cars I would conlcude the EL part of the train would have no switchiing whatsoever to do at Maybrook. Cut off the PC power from the front, uncouple Block 4 at the rear of the train, and away the EL goes off to Port Jervis!

I suppose NE-74 is similar in reverse, but a lot less work is shown in the schedule.

I have no knowledge of this other than the published schedule, but it would explain why PC locomotives always led.


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Hey guys,Â
A friend of mine sent me the following email, asking if I knew the answer as to why PC power almost always led on the joint PC/EL trains between Maybrook and Cedar Hill. I don't know why. Anyone know?Â
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Looking at my newest addition to the library, PENN CENTRAL INÂ
COLOR V1, I noted the two excellent photos of the PC/ELÂ
Maybrook run throughs on page 53. Both show PC U33C leadersÂ
in both directions.Â
two photos of these trains, again with PC leaders on both.Â
Question is, did EL power ever lead these trains. If not,Â
why? Also, are there any photos online, or in publications,Â
of these trains on the PC?Â
I have seen photos of EL power leading these trains, but the PC guysÂ
liked having their newer power on there. For a while, the PC's new
were very common on these trains.Â
There were photos posted to the list a while back of the trains
the Poughkeepsie Bridge, but that's the only shots I've ever seen ofÂ
this train on the PC.Â
- PaulÂ

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