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PC: Re: Observations About PC In Color V1

Thanks for the review.

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Subject: PC: Observations About PC In Color V1

Received my copy and in the unlikely event there is anyone here who hasn't, here are some comments.

Overall, the book was everything I was expecting. The date spread of PC subjects was indeed all encompassing. I do wonder about the inclusion of a section called "The Last Year Of New York Central" and several pre PC photos of NYC trains in other locations. Not appropriate for a PC subject book in my opinion.

The photo of the PC eastbound crossing the Poughkeepsie bridge on page 52 was easily worth the cost of the book. The very first I have ever seen of PC crossing this bridge. The selection of photos from the New York secondary lines was superb and the second high point of this book. One disappointment were no photos of the famous PC "Hojac" line near Buffalo NY. TRACKSIDE AROUND BUFFALO 1953-1976 has a pair of photos of this operation, but not this book.

Morning Sun's Pennsylvania Diesels in Color series featured stories behind the scenes stories from Bill Volkmer and Robert Watson that were excellent. Hopefully, future volumes can feature some of this same sort of writing from those who were there. Another example of someone that should be involved for the appropriate reason would Jerry Taylor of A SAMPLING OF PENN CENTRAL fame. His book still represents the best book ever done for PC. It would be great if Mr. Yanosey could get him involved for the book that covers the same region.

Of course the book is highly recommended. If any on the list have Jeremy Plant's or Robert Yanosey's email address, please feel free to forward these comments to them.

Really looking forward to Volume 2.  I'll have some more comments then.


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