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   Please contact OFF LIST with the above subject with questions. Prices DO NOT 
incl shp. A couple of the items are big and heavy. Responses will be as soon as possible.
PRR CT 1000E Nov 1,1945 - V G  used cond   $65 
PRR CT 1000C Nov 1,1945 - V G  used cond   $65
PRR Station Plans Book,Various Lines East of Pgh,early 1900's  $25
PRR Altoona Shops & Yards,1905,Shows shop layout & complete yd  $15
PRR Pittsburgh Division Interlocking Diagrams, From 1913 ETT, 49 pgs,8-1/2 x 11  $25 
PRR Trenton Div Intls,Draw Brdgs & Trolley Xings, From 1915 ETT, 45 pgs,8-1/2 x 11  $25      
PRR Map of 1881 MainLine from Alt. to Johnstown,Alleg. Portage RR & inclines,
        New Portage Br,Blue print copied from original linen. 
PRR Mine Card & Revenue Waybill,Juniata Scales,Altoona,Pa,
        has 3 copies with carbon paper   $1
PRR Land Book of 1890 for South West Pennsylvania RailWay  $275.00
PRR CT1515 Qualification Card-New,never issued 
PRR MW200 Machinery Qualification Card- New,never issued 
PRR MW52(D) Manual of Instructions for MW Equip. NO COVER,
   dated 1-1-60,very good cond. 
PRR MW52(D)  Unused,Excellent Cond   $25
PRR  C.E. 78 Manual for construction,unused, excellent cond. $25
PRR Gen. Notice No. 207-B, Clearances,7-1-1966, Excellent Cond.   $25
PRR Demurrage Card-pad, unused  $3
PRR Application for Position-Pad of 100 unused,for bidding on jobs 
PRR Deposit Slip book-Pad,unused 
PRR PENNSY magizine,some but not all,check   $7ea.
PRR Stock Certificates - Orange, less than 100 shares
                                    Green,100 shares. Horseshoe curve scene   $5ea.
PRR Loco. Test Plant Book #18,test of K2sa,1914,inside good,cover brittle   $18 
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.1, 4-29-56, G.O.'s,G used cond,soiled cover   $30
PRR Pgh. Reg  ETT No.6, 10-28-58,G.O.'s,G used cond,soiled cover  $30
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.9, 4-24-60, G.O.'s,G used cond,soiled cover  $30 (2)
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.10,10-30-60,G.O,'s,G used cond,soiled cover,  $30
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.11,10-29-61,VG used cond,w/G.O.'s   $30 (2)
PRR Cond & Trainman wallet,a very hard leather,gold lettering   $15
PRR Cond & trainman wallet,soft blk leather,gold lettering,  $30
PRR TRAINMAN hat badge, Good used cond.,some loss of red enamel   $49
PRR  Hiring Manual - Nov,1956 Very good cond, $13
PRR Elec. Opr. Inst.,1960 rev.,VG cond, unissued   $9  
PRR Storage stamps for baggage-full book of 100 - 5 cents, 35 cents, 
$12 ea.bk
PRR Grab bag assrtmnt of over 23 items in brown interoffice evlp or Lrg white evlp  - $15
PRR THE PENNSYLVANIA RR -A Pictorial History,by E.P.Alexander,1st Ed,DJ fair,Book Very
             good cond,personal notes written by a prev.owner.  $14
PRR ON THE MAIN LINE,by E.P.Alexander,DJ has tears, some rips and folds, Book in
              Very Good cond,       $25 
PRR I REMEMBER PENNSY,by Don Wood,2nd Ed,DJ fair,Book in VG cond.   $25 
PRR THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD 1940s-1950s,by Don Ball Jr.,1st Ed,all color photos
            DJ fair w/some folding and a tear,Book V.G. cond.   $30
PRR Scenic guide with map on reverse side.VG cond.  $25
PRR  Coverdale & Colpitts 4 Vol. PRR Corp Hist.,books in avg cond,email for details.
          SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.Anyone familar with these knows that these
          books are not cheap. A real piece of a PRR high ranking officers library    $$$$$$
PRR Letter head blank sheets with logo and name, 10pcs   $4
PRR Brass Sig.Dept( P.R.R. S.D.) lock,Good used cond, from rundown releases
          and US&S intl machine beds,in working order  NO KEY  $ 40
PRR 40 year Silver service pin,VG cond.     $40
PRR 25 year Bronze service pin,VG cond     $30
PRR Flag & Fusee Case, Good used cond,paint chipped from use   $45
PRR Hand cart for handling frt & baggage,Marked PRR Huntingdon Frt Sta. 
        YOU MUST PICK UP,Item to big and heavy to shp   $350
PRR N-Scale ConCor Erie Builds Keystone Psgr Set     $250
Horseshoe Curve Beer labels   $ 1.25
Thank you,
Pat McKinney

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