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RE: PC: Review: Penn Central in Color (in KC)

  Thanks, Jerry.  I actually never heard of WAMX.  I was just looking at the painted-over letters on the side and it looked like it said HLCX.  It looks like you have better data on this unit than I, so I am sure you are correct.  By the way, the first link you sent in your last e-mail actually failed.  At least I couldn't open it.  Could you check and re-send...
  Like someone mentioned about painting the handrails yellow, I would be tempted going out one night and cleaning off all the black patches to boldly show it's heritage...
-Gregg B.

> Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 22:16:17 -0400
> From: jer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: penn-central@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: PC: Review: Penn Central in Color (in KC)
> Steffan Forbes wrote:
> > I found this information online from the HLCX roster:
> >
> > 3817: ex-NS 5362/CR 8227
> Gregg,
> WAMX is not the same HLCX. WAMX is Webb Asset Management, a division of
> WATCO. WAMX are the reporting marks used on locomotives owned by WATCO
> and used on their family of shortlines and regionals.
> See my other message for the history of this unit.
> -JWJ

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