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Re: PC: Review: Penn Central in Color (in KC)

Steffan Forbes wrote:

I wish I knew the original PC number, then I may be able to find out.

According to rrpicturearchives.net site, it was PC 7788:


That page also lists the frame, order, and serial numbers. Can't vouch that they're 100% accurate, but it makes sense.

I looked up the serial number 35417 on the EMD Loco web site on trainweb.org, and it shows it going from CR to Chicago Missouri & Western (who painted almost none of their power) to Gateway Western to Helm to Ottawa Valley Rail Link and back to Helm before apparently going to WATCO:


The engineer's side seems to have more PC lettering coming through than the fireman's side.

Anybody know anyone at WATCO? Maybe we could convince them to clean up the PC lettering or repaint it PC...


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