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PC: Mail/post

Hi All,
As of the above date I have received  vol.9 iss.1with the Calendar :-) (Thanks to Jim Hebner going the extra mile for oversea members).only so far this year??
Have sent my New address to both Jim Hebner & Chuck, but No mail/Post for me @ either address! 
Does anyone know if our membership sec. has an email address?? I've been unable to find one.
Things are a little difficult @ the moment for us thou we have some internet connection & a postal address, we are still not in a place of our own yet and everything is in boxes - so email is the surer way off contact for us at this time & for the foreseeable future.
In a message dated 5/27/2008 8:02:48 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, PennCentral@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hello PCRRHS Officers,

Here's a membership update as of 5/27/08.

We have a total of 313 paid members, 32 of those joined new this year. Of the 319 members we had at the end of the 2007 year, 38 DID NOT rejoin.

With the news of Jim Homoki possibly stepping down next year as President and the Post being a bit later than usual, I hope this isn't an indication of our most important officers tiring.


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