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PC: Review: Penn Central in Color Vol 1

Hey Guys...

         I got an advance copy of the new "Penn Central Vol 1" by Jeremy
Plant. The new PC series of books starts in Western New England and
Upstate New York.
        This first Volume takes you on a tour of mostly ex New York
Central territory. Places like Palmer, Springfield, Chatham, Albany,
State Line Tunnel, Buffalo, etc, etc. Most of the photos are action
shots with roster shots here and there. All of the photos are razor
sharp. Lots of different lash ups and lots of fallen flag freight cars.
And a handful of rare action shots. Like ALCo FA2 1302 still in full NYC
paint in 1970.
      Even though I'm a Red Team guy, I really enjoyed Vol 1. And I
think any PC fan will like this book. This Volume isn't due out till the
last week of September. But it will be worth the wait. Thanks......

Dave Hopson

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