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RE: PC: Decal help for U30C's

Well, Dale.  First off, that engine is a U-33C.  Those narrow-font numbers (a rare ex-PRR style) were only used on a handfull of PC units.  Microscale only makes them in yellow on a PRR set.  However, you didn't say what scale you model.  I have some made up in white, but I model only N-Scale...
-Gregg B.


Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 22:45:58 -0400
From: devene@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: PC: Decal help for U30C's
To: penn-central@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am getting ready to letter my Atlas PC U30C with correct lettering from Microscale, but I'm missing the cab numbers.  Does anyone make the smaller style of numbers on these units?  If so, where do I get them? 
I am going to do it as the 6549.  Below is a link for reference.
Thank you for your time.
Dale DeVene

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