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RE: PC: New HO C628 coming from Bowser

Well said, Gene. I have no problem with relatively minor things--such as 6-inch versus 7-inch lettering on an N scale hopper. Because of the small scale, the difference is impossible to see. Even in HO, I can't really tell. However, if we're talking about 6-inch lettering versus, say, 12-inch...then I think there's a problem. Same thing with the wrong font--Atlas used the wrong font on their last batch of N scale hoppers. They look totally wrong, IMHO. As much as Bowser is maligned, they got the cars correct. Then there are the Walthers PC dome cars. These things simply don't sell...because PC didn't have domes!

What bugs me, is that many manufacturers get the more complex schemes (BNSF is one) spot on...and screw up the simple ones. What's up with that?

--Chris Osterhus

> This is not an issue for those that can paint & decal and want to. However, there is a
> large segment of the hobby that "have a life" that prefers properly decorated locos &
> rolling stock.
> Without feedback, a manufacturer can't tell if slow sales of a particular road name
> are due to a lack of interest, or if the modeling community has rejected the execution
> of that particular scheme. Slow sales for a road name can be the kiss of death for
> that road name when the next product release comes around.
> Then we will all be back to painting & decaling for everything.
> Gene Fusco

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