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Re: PC: PC N4 (MOW)Cabin Car 28001

zootowerprr -AT- webtv.net wrote:

>         So was this cabin in MOW service prior to the merger? It looks
> like it was on the PC books for four months then it was sold. I was
> wondering if it ever turned a wheel for PC. Or did they park it after it
> was painted.  


Morning Sun's PRR Color Equipment Guide Volume 2 book shows a picture of 
the N4 as PRR 492415 in MOW yellow paint on page 111. The photo is dated 
April 22, 1967, taken at Renovo, PA. The car is coupled to a PRR hopper, 
so I'm assuming at this time the car was still in work train service.

BTW, the next page has a picture of an N6 wooden cabin car 492414, in 
fresh yellow paint with black lettering. Date of that photo is August 
1965. So some PRR wooden cabins likely were in work train service for PC.

As for NYC wooden cabooses, it's possible too but I haven't yet seen any 
evidence to prove or disprove that.


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